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Were you happy with your experience at Sabiha Gokcen Airport? We are listening.

I remember the days when we filled paper forms with questions, designed attractive comment boxes and rushed after customers around the store in order to convince them to leave a piece of feedback on the products or services we offer.

Back then, I was the head of Starbucks Coffee in Turkey. We were just starting here and wanted to grow fast. We knew that the best way to grow our business is to manage it through the eyes of the customers - If only we could listen to their thoughts and whispers...

We knew... But just didn't have an effective tool.

Those days are long past. Today, -big or small, commodity or luxury- brands grasped the importance of customer experience (CX).

Temkin Group (a CX consultancy company that I closely follow and respect) identifies 3 pillars that customer experience rests atop.

1. Success This is basically the end result of the purpose of contact. How successful was the customer in achieving his objective for coming in to the contact point?

2. Effort How much effort has the customer had to spend in order to achieve this result? As you would guess: Lesser the effort better the experience.

3. Emotion Customer emotion(s) caused of the products/services offered at the contact point. How was your customer feeling at the end of the experience?

Today, the world is smaller than ever.

Competition is bloody. Differences are mostly negligible.

Thus, customer experience offered at contact points is what makes or breaks any brand.

Consultants could help you design and improve your customer experience.

They would inspect the customer journey elements and lay out a better one that closes the gaps or improves performance.

Well, who is your most reliable resource to tell you about these gaps? Your customers.

Staffino -a fast growing, dynamic and innovative web and mobile app from Slovakia- offers all sorts of organisations an effective and super easy way to closely listen to their customers.

Today, variety of organisations -from schools to retailers, hospitals to hotels, airports to museums, gas stations to events, call centres to professional services and more- use Staffino to get closer with their customers and reap the rewards.

Customers no longer keep their secrets to themselves.

Via Staffino, companies know exactly what makes their customers happy.

They learn answers to such questions as:

What makes your customers happy? What makes them disappointed? What product or service are you missing? How is the service experience at your locations? Which staff member serves customers best? What are the areas of improvement? Who are your most loyal customers?

Happy customers can directly appreciate the service performance of any staff by leaving them a personal "Thank-You" on Staffino. Company managers would use these as a fair and transparent input to recognise staff and evaluate performance.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a survey lately on sources of happiness at work.

Guess what the #1 factor is: "Appreciation for work." No wonder why "Thank-You"s left via Staffino not only reinforces good service but also raises staff motivation and drops turnover rates.

İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has become the first to invest in this powerful CX monitoring and management tool in Turkey.

On your next flight out of İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen - or through, remember that your passenger experience is highly valued. You can easily review shops, restaurants, passenger services or facilities at the airport with a few slides of your finger tip.

Just put out your mobile device or laptop -whichever is convenient- and:

1. Type in 2. Review listed venues, services or facilities (you can also search or filter categories by using the boxes on the top of the screen to locate what you are looking for) 3. Leave a Thank-You (positive experience) or a Suggestion (negative experience) by explaining your reason in a few words

PS: You can also download Staffino mobile app from Apple and Google Play stores, search for İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, tap on it and select any venue or service you would like to provide feedback for.

That's it! Now lean back and relax...

You ought to hear from the management shortly - may be even while you are still there.

Have you already flown through İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen

and read the blog a little too late?

Don't worry!

You are not late and providing a feedback is still possible.

Just go to

Happy staff makes happy customers!

Cheers :)

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